Midweek refers to Sunday through Thursday nights. Does not include holidays which land on a Sunday. 

RoomRate5% Discount with 3-4 nights midweek10% Discount with 5 nights midweek
Grand Suite$260$247$234
Rose Room$210$199.50$189
Garden Room$210$199.50$189
Loft Room$220$209$198
Stables Suite$260$247$234
Granary Room$220$209$198
Sunflower Room$220$209$198
Meadows Suite$280$266$252
Tamarack Cabin$310$294.50$279
Hemlock Cabin$310$294.50$279
Hemlock Cabin (2 bedrooms)$460$437$414
Oak Cottage$330$313.50$297
Oak Cottage (2 bedrooms)$520$494$468
Evergreen Cottage$330$313.50$297
Evergreen Cottage (2 bedrooms)$520$494$468
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RoomRate10% Discount with 3-4 nights midweek20% Discount with 5 nights midweek
Grand Suite$250$225$200
Rose Room$180$162$144
Garden Room$180$162$144
Loft Room$210$189$168
Stables Suite$240$216$192
Granary Room$210$189$168
Sunflower Room$210$189$168
Meadows Suite$260$234$208
Tamarack Cabin$280$252$224
Hemlock Cabin$280$252$224
Hemlock Cabin (2 bedrooms)$420$378$336
Oak Cottage$310$279$248
Oak Cottage (2 bedrooms)$470$423$376
Evergreen Cottage$310$279$248
Evergreen Cottage (2 bedrooms)$470$423$376
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Dear Guests,

Although the fight against this virus has required us to temporarily distance ourselves, we still hold our guests close to our hearts. We miss all of you and we look forward to seeing you soon. 

Support the Door County businesses you love! You can purchase Chanticleer Gift Certificates and give them as gifts or save them to redeem for a future stay. Thank you for your support!

Stay safe, 
Darrin and Bryon