Midweek refers to Sunday through Thursday nights. Does not include holidays which land on a Sunday. 

RoomRate5% Discount with 3-4 nights midweek10% Discount with 5 nights midweek
Grand Suite$260$247$234
Rose Room$210$199.50$189
Garden Room$210$199.50$189
Loft Room$220$209$198
Stables Suite$260$247$234
Granary Room$220$209$198
Sunflower Room$220$209$198
Meadows Suite$280$266$252
Tamarack Cabin$310$294.50$279
Hemlock Cabin$310$294.50$279
Hemlock Cabin (2 bedrooms)$460$437$414
Oak Cottage$330$313.50$297
Oak Cottage (2 bedrooms)$520$494$468
Evergreen Cottage$330$313.50$297
Evergreen Cottage (2 bedrooms)$520$494$468
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RoomRate10% Discount with 3-4 nights midweek20% Discount with 5 nights midweek
Grand Suite$250$225$200
Rose Room$180$162$144
Garden Room$180$162$144
Loft Room$210$189$168
Stables Suite$240$216$192
Granary Room$210$189$168
Sunflower Room$210$189$168
Meadows Suite$260$234$208
Tamarack Cabin$280$252$224
Hemlock Cabin$280$252$224
Hemlock Cabin (2 bedrooms)$420$378$336
Oak Cottage$310$279$248
Oak Cottage (2 bedrooms)$470$423$376
Evergreen Cottage$310$279$248
Evergreen Cottage (2 bedrooms)$470$423$376
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